Why choose UCA?

At UCA, kids have lots of opportunity… the opportunity to learn new languages, the opportunity to build new friendships, and…the chance to have fun! Our INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is perfect for families who want to live overseas, but still have the best in education – there is no compromising with UCA. Our first-class teachers, fabulous field trips, and language opportunities make us the best.


Fantastic Field Trips

Outdoor Exploration

Learning about Environmental Issues

A Variety of After-School Clubs

Uvita Christian Academy…the TOP CHOICE in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica!


BILINGUAL TEACHERS are hand picked from all over the world to bring you the very best! They give lots of individual attention.

ACCREDITED, HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS from the United States are available to UCA students! This means students can successfully apply for admission to a college or university of their choice in the United States, Costa Rica, or abroad. We already have three graduates!

AIR CONDITIONED CLASSROOMS are uniquely designed, providing each student with his own desk.  Our students do not share a desk with another student. 

UCA has SEPARATE classrooms for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Elementary, and Jr. High School and High School students.

UCA offers “HANDS ON” LEARNING activities…Science Class Labs, Art Projects, Local Cultural Activities!

RELATED ARTS include Physical Education, Art, and more!

"UCA has created an incredible learning environment. The attitudes of the friendly and encouraging staff are contagious and build confidence and a love of learning in our kids. My girls love going to school - thank you UCA!"
Brenda Broussard
Parent of Mia, grade 5, and Laynie, grade 2