UCA Sustainability Initiative

As part of an initiative to reduce waste at our school and create more environmentally conscious students, we are taking steps to become more sustainable! We are really excited about this. We know that many of you already do things at home to help protect the environment, and we’re so glad.

When we bring dozens of kids together to learn, play, and grow, it’s very easy to create a lot of waste to make everything more convenient. However, we at UCA want our students to grow up with a sense of global responsibility and a respect for their beautiful natural environment.

For weeks, we’ve been working on our NEW Sustainability Initiative! At school, we’re using less electricity, producing less waste, recycling things like plastic and paper, and more!  We’re modeling for our students what it means to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!  It’s a good thing.

If you want to help us at home, you can think about this:
1) You can check to make sure your student brings a reusable water bottle to school every day!

*We want our students to stay hydrated with cool, clean water. We also want to encourage them not to use disposable water bottles because this contributes to the massive global problem of plastic waste.

2) You can carpool with parents coming from the same direction.

*Talk to other parents living in your area and see if they are willing to share rides to and from school. Not only will this reduce the consumption of fuel and the emission of greenhouse gasses, but it will make your hectic mornings simpler!

3) You can participate in low waste lunch/event planning.

*When packing a lunch for your student, consider NOT using plastic bags and plastic wrap that gets thrown away in large quantities daily. Instead, consider using tupperware that can be cleaned and reused. If you plan to bring a treat for the students for a birthday or other occasion, please use UCA’s reusable serving ware that is meant just for this purpose. Please contact Miss Brigit in the school office if you’d like to use this serving ware.

More details to come…