Parent Information

At UCA, we appreciate our families!

We realize that you, as parents, make an economic investment in your student’s education each month and that many times, this requires personal sacrifice for your family.  We’re so glad you’ve chosen UCA, and believe this is the perfect place for your kids to learn, explore, and grow!  Below are a couple of things to keep in mind as a parent…

Student Travel

Traveling is fun, and we encourage it!  For families who travel a lot during the school year, UCA is a great option for education!  We are proud to be able to offer this kind of advantage to our families – the ability to travel, and to keep learning and studying. Please keep in mind, though, that your student(s) will continue to need personal academic instruction while traveling away from UCA.  The way students learn at UCA is not through “self teaching” –  a teacher is still necessary to answer student questions and to provide basic instruction.  Please keep this in mind, your child will miss out on daily Spanish classes,  science class and all of the related arts classes where teachers speak Spanish to their students.

School Hours

Elementary, Jr. High School and High School:
    8:00am – 2:30pm, Monday thru Friday each week

    8:00am – 2:30pm, Monday thru Friday each week

Daycare and Pre-K students:
    8:00am -11:30am, with the option to stay for a full-day, Monday thru Friday each week


A local bus service is available to drive students to and from Uvita area private schools daily.  Students who live in Dominical all the way down south to the Coronado/Cortes area can secure transportation.

Please contact the administrative office for more details.


Every day, students eat lunch outside near the covered soccer field.

UCA does provide HOT LUNCHES. Students can purchase a lunch from Doña Emilia for 2,500 colones; lunch choices vary from day to day.

Menu choices include:

  • Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)
  • Carne en Salsa (delicious beef covered with a red sauce)
  • Chuleta (Pork chop with traditional sides)

SPECIAL ON MONDAYS, THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS! On Mondays, El Hornito (personal pizzas/empanadas); Thursdays, Los Laureles (American food) and Fridays, Five Maes (hamburger, cheese burger with fries) delivers hot lunches to UCA

If you choose to send a lunch from home, please remember to pack foods that do not require refrigeration, or to include ice-packs to keep food cold.

Students should also bring a water bottle from home each day; this bottle can be refilled as many times as needed during the school day. We have two (2) purified water dispensers at UCA, always available for students and teachers.


School uniforms at UCA are intended to be easy for students to wear, and comfortable! Each student purchases 1-3 purple UCA jersey-type shirts at the beginning of the school year; this shirt MUST BE WORN to school each day with pants or shorts that aren’t too short, please.

Fees / Payment

Monthly tuition at UCA is due on the 1st of each month, and is late after the 3rd.

Parents can opt to make payment for the year in full.  All supplies for students are provided by our school, including things like a folder, notebook, pencils, pens, and more.  Students do take field trips quarterly in their classrooms, and the cost for this is additional.  

Grades / Conferences

Students earn grades in all of their classes, including their Related Arts classes.  Report Cards are sent home at the end of each trimester.  Parent/Teacher Conferences are offered during the first trimester each year, and at the beginning of the third trimester.  If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher at any time, simply send them an email and it’s easy to arrange.

Please note that we like to give attention to maintaining open doors of communication between our Staff and parents at UCA. Please feel welcome to schedule an appointment or send an email message at any time if you have a question or concern

Student Grades

Students test weekly, and their individual grades are recorded weekly on a “Congratulations Slip” that students bring home on Friday.  These forms serve as a way for parents to keep up with student progress at UCA on a weekly basis.  An official report card will also be sent home with each student at the end of each trimester.  This report card is very detailed and includes not only academic scores, but also information in regard to your student’s social and behavioral progress in the classroom.  

How the School Year is Divided

Our school term (one year) is divided into three (3) trimesters at UCA. Basically, before the first vacation every year, students have 9-10 weeks of classes. Students go on vacation, and they return for another session of classes lasting for 9-10 weeks. This pattern continues until the last day of school, which is usually during the second week of December.

Disciplinary Plan

Our Disciplinary Plan at UCA is fair and balanced; students learn that there are consequences for wrong behavior in a loving environment where mistakes are forgiven, and second chances abound!

US High School Diploma

"UCA is everything we hoped for in a private, college prep school. We start each year with a clear idea of our son's level and where he needs to be within the curriculum. The energetic staff guides him through his school lessons in a positive, nurturing manner. They also incorporate a variety of events and "extra curricular" experiences that I believe are "real world" applicable. We especially like the flexibility of the program. Not only did it allow our son to focus on certain core subjects, it also allows us to travel and spend time with family without disruption. He is now working at his grade level and beyond! Most importantly, I get the sense that our son will be ready to take whatever collegiate step he chooses, and we sleep good at night knowing the people of UCA are on his/our side. Thanks UCA!"
Rod Martin
Parent of Felipe, grade 9