Frequently Asked Questions

UCA is located in Uvita next to the “Cancha Sintetica,” on the main road in Uvita, Costa Rica.  It is 50 meters west of BCR (Banco de Costa Rica).

You can check the exact spot at our location page.

Our school year begins on February 3, 2020 – visit our calendar for all important dates.

We accept students in grades Pre K/Kindergarten – 12th grade.

For students in grades 1 – 12 ~
There is a fee per month, per student, plus your child’s cost for text books (the cost of MEP approved text books).  The cost of our text books differ from one grade to the next. For an estimate of costs per grade, contact Scott Bogard.

For our Pre K and Kinder Program~

There is a fee per month, per student, plus your child’s curriculum costs (the cost of the PACEs and MEP approved text books). For an estimate of costs, contact Scott Bogard

UCA school hours for students in Kindergarten – 12th Grade: 8:00am – 2:30pm. 
Pre-K students: 8:00am – 11:30am, Monday thru Friday each week (Pre-K students can also choose to stay for the entire school day).

At UCA, there is no “school supply” list because all of your child’s supplies are included in their monthly fee – this means no running to the store at the last minute for pencils, papers, or notebooks!

Yes, we provide a Disciplinary Plan at UCA.  Please click here to see a detailed outline of our Disciplinary Plan.

Our school year is divided into three (3) trimesters. In general, we are in school for 9-10 weeks, and then have 2-3 weeks off for a short break – please visit the calendar page for a detailed list of dates.

Spanish classes are OFFERED DAILY and are part of our core curriculum!  All UCA students are required to participate in Spanish courses, and we offer various core Spanish classes: Social Studies and Spanish Grammar (all Art Classes and Physical Education classes are also taught in Spanish).  Please click here for more details on each of our Spanish courses.

Yes, at UCA, we offer the following Related Arts courses:
Technology Class
Physical Education
Art and Art Appreciation

Spanish classes are considered to be part of our core curriculum, and therefore are not listed as a Related Art.

Related Arts courses are offered on a rotating schedule that changes based on teaching professionals available in our local area.

Yes, we will work with families who cannot be at UCA everyday, as long as their work is completed, and their test scores are appropriate.

Please click here to visit our Statement of Faith page.

There is a local bus that makes trips from Uvita to Dominical daily, to and from UCA. This bus route can also accommodate students who live in the Cortes/Coronado area.  Please email if you have questions, or need more information.

The way we teach at UCA actually works very well for children who deal with ADD and ADHD.  It’s been reported that these challenges diminish for some students because of the way they learn here.  This is true especially because of the one-on-one help students receive from their teachers.  Also, teachers in each classroom work diligently to be sure these students are accommodated as best as possible by offering extra breaks, special rewards, special free time, etc. when personal learning goals are met.

Costa Rican students attending UCA, as well as foreign students, are welcome to obtain their title for completing high school through the program called “Aula Abierta.” This is a special program created by the Ministry of Public Education to ensure that all kinds of students, including those attending private schools in Costa Rica, can receive the MEP diploma they desire. For more information, see Consuelo in the UCA Office.

Our Core Curriculum includes Spanish Studies (MEP approved text books), Mathematics, English, Etymology/Spelling, Literature/Creative Writing, Science, and Social Studies.  Related Arts courses are taken in addition to the above mentioned subjects.  High School students complete the same core classes mentioned above, but their course load will vary due to needed electives for graduation. 

No, your student will not need his own computer.  UCA has its own computers for students.

The right amount of work to be completed will be assigned to the student before he/she leaves, after review by the lead teacher.  Students who travel frequently will have to be extra diligent to complete work according to schedule, and with excellence.  Please note that traveling students still need supervision, or a teacher, to assist them when completing academic work outside of class.  OUR CURRICULUM IS NOT “SELF-TAUGHT.” No matter where work is being completed, students will have questions and will need academic guidance. 

Blue “Congratulations Slips” are sent home with students every Friday sharing scores from tests taken during that academic week.  Also, official Report Cards are sent home at the end of each trimester for parents to review.  Parents can also make an appointment for a Parent/Teacher Conference at any given time, as the need arises.   

UCA does offer HOT LUNCHES!  These can be purchased every day for 2,000 – 2,500 colones from our very own lunch lady, Doña Emilia.  SPECIAL ON MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS! Every Monday, El Hornito (selling pizzas/empanadas) delivers hot lunches to school; every Thursday, House of Ginger delivers hot lunches to UCA.

UCA has different paths to graduation and each one of those paths has a different cost associated with it.  In order to select the program that best fits your family, it is recommended that you schedule a tour of the school or a Zoom call with the admissions office.