UCA Disciplinary Plan

Our Merit System

For our Kindergarten and Pre-K Classrooms

In our Classrooms for Kinder and Pre-K students, our Lead Teachers set up each student with their own “plate” at the beginning of the school term.  Students begin each week with a full plate of five cookies; however, when students misbehave, they begin to “lose their cookies.”  Every Friday before leaving their classroom, students with a full plate of cookies can choose their own prize from a “Prize Box” that’s well-stocked with lots of goodies kids really want! Students who have only 3-4 cookies on their plate can choose from a “Prize Box” also, but this box has different kinds of prizes – they’re not as good as the other ones.  Finally, a student with less than three cookies does not get to choose any prize.  This is a simple system, but it really motivates.

For our Jr. Elementary and Elementary Classrooms

For kids in these classrooms, we’ve got something called a Merit System in place, and it works! Our Merit System is a simple way to reward students who are behaving well, and to encourage students who are not behaving well.  In this system, students earn merits, in the form of small tickets, throughout the school week as they listen to teachers, complete their personal learning goals, etc.  At the end of each week, students can buy things from the Merit Store using their merits.  This store has interesting items for sale, like different kinds of candy, small snacks, small toys, etc.

When there are students who aren’t listening and behaving the right way, their teacher can give them demerits.  Then, at the end of the week, a student who misbehaved may not be able to purchase anything from the store; in addition, all de-merits must be “paid off” with merits before shopping at the Merit Store. This plan works well – kids never know what they’re going to find in the Merit Store on Friday!

(If there are kids who keep on doing things they shouldn’t, they end up missing special things like morning breaks, they might have lunch detention, or miss afternoon breaks, too.)

For our Upper Level Classroom

Our Lead Teacher for this important classroom understands the importance of working to teach students responsibility, and what it means to be held accountable for individual actions.  Students are taught the importance of things like being on time for classes, showing respect, and valuing themselves and the good things they can bring to the classroom!

Kids earn special privileges based on a Merit System also, and there aren’t a whole lot of challenges. If the need arises, however, we find it best to schedule meetings with parents to try to identify and correct problems that are coming up in the classroom. After a student visits the principal’s office once or twice, and a parent meeting is usually the next step.

Teachers keep in touch with parents when challenges arise, and always work to keep doors of communication open.

Please note that we treat all of our students as individuals, understanding that some students have special needs that may require slightly different rules or expectations to be followed.  For example, if a student deals with ADHD, ADD, or perhaps dyslexia, efforts are always made to accommodate these unique learning situations as much as possible.