UCA Admissions

Admissions at UCA. So Simple!

STEP #1: Schedule a School TOUR!

During this exciting meeting, tell us what you’re looking for, and enjoy a school tour! We’ll tell you about everything that’s new and exciting at UCA! We’d like to share about things like our After-School Clubs, our Science classes, and you can tell us about your student.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Students in grades 1 – 8 need to take our Placement Test to help determine where they need to start.  (For best results, new students should complete this test during normal school hours.  During that time, your son or daughter can experience a “typical day” at UCA, including getting to know other students and teachers, and learning daily routines.  Depending on a student’s age, taking our placement test usually takes 1 – 2 school days.

STEP #2: Fill out a Student Enrollment Form

After you complete the form, we’ll ask for copies of your student’s passport or cédula, his/her vaccination records, and any school transcripts you can share with us from your previous school.  It’s that easy.  We’ll help to figure out the uniform size you need, and get your text books ordered as soon as possible!

(Students at UCA are required to wear a school uniform daily that can be purchased through the school.  Our uniform is simple, and includes the following: a special-order purple UCA shirt, and shorts or pants of your choice – as long as they’re a modest length.) 

NEW! Students can order gray, cotton t-shirt style uniforms if they want to.

Students seeking admission to our Pre-Kindergarten Program at UCA must be no less than three (3) years old, and must be able to go to the bathroom independently.

Students seeking admission to our Kindergarten Program at UCA must be no less than five (5) years old, and must be able to go to the bathroom independently. 
Students entering our Elementary Classroom for the first time from a lower grade level, such as Kindergarten or grade 1, must be able to read independently. This skill will be assessed by a “Reading Readiness” Test, which must be scheduled and proctored during school hours.

Staying for Part of the Year?

At UCA, we understand that families like to come and “try out the area” for a while to see if it’s a place they would like to live.  It makes sense, and we make it easy!  

We are happy to accommodate families that would like to attend our school for only part of the year, or maybe even for only two months of the year.  Look no further, we can do it.  We’ll try to accommodate your timeline, and we will keep your child on track for when you return to your home country.

If you’re traveling through our area, consider sending your kids to one of our After-School Clubs…they can attend for only ¢3,000 (approximately $6) per club, and we offer clubs Monday through Thursday weekly at UCA for all ages.

AT UCA, we have room for...you!

Please register below.  Once we have received your information, we will contact you promptly to set up the best day for your child to come in for testing.

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UCA Student Enrollment Form

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Person Responsible for all Student Fees

  • Student fees include: tuition, uniforms and the cost of PACES
  • If one annual payment option is selected, student receives five uniform shirts at no additional cost.
  • A late fee of 10% of the invoice will be assessed should your payment arrive at the school office later than the 5th day of the month.