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About Us

UCA is an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and the perfect place for families who want their children to receive an excellent bilingual education while living or traveling overseas. UCA is also perfect for a Spanish-speaking families who want a new world to open to their children – a world where English speakers become their friends! UCA provides a Christian education for families who are committed to their faith, and is also strongly committed to teaching about environmental and sustainability issues.  As an international school, your student will meet classmates from all over the world… countries like Spain, Brazil, United States, and Canada!

"The most prominent factor in our first meeting at UCA is when Scott and Brigit told us how much they love and care for our children. It was in that moment that I realized that I hadn't heard that before from any school. After our six year old son had spent the morning at UCA testing, he placed his hand on the glass door as we were leaving and said, "Mom... I love this school". The key word is love. UCA loves our children and it is evident in the positive changes that have taken place in our children and ultimately in our family. Our kids went from being anxious and agitated to calm and confident children who love and look forward to going to school. UCA has helped to bring out the best in our sons personalities. Our children are thriving in a quiet, structured and supportive classroom. Our kids are learning to set goals and practicing the concept of personal responsibility on a daily basis. UCA has helped to nurture faith in God/ Universe which has granted an open spiritual dialogue and query with our children regularly. I could go on and on and I have story after story of the positive impact Uvita Christian Academy has had on our children and in our personal lives. We are forever grateful for your love and support."
Victoria Hughes
Parent of Oliver, grade 3, and Oz, grade 2